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Specialty Product Lines

Besides our retail and wholesale products C&F Foods, Inc. offers specialty product lines that offer high quality and high value products. Specialty product lines have emerged from our research and analysis of market growth potential. We constantly look for ways to improve our products and nourish new product ideas.

We offer several specialty value added specialty products, including the following:

Dehydrated Bean Products

Dehydrated beans offer the convenience of 'instant' preparation for some of America's favorite and fastest growing side dishes.

Our Dehydrated Refried Beans are:

  • Ready in minutes vs. hours
  • Convenient - require shorter cook times, just add water, heat and serve
  • Natural - are all natural 100% real beans, have no artificial colorings or additives
  • Rich in flavor - taste like authentic, scratch-made beans
  • Cost saving products - no waste, make only what you need
  • Ecological - require less packaging
  • Compact - space savings 30 oz. bag stores and are easier to store and handle
  • Nutritious - low in fat and high in protein

Instant Rice

Instant rice is not only convenient but has great taste. Our instant rice includes Instant White Rice and Instant Brown Rice. They come in 14, 28 and 42 ounce sizes. Just ready in 5 minutes and microwavable instant rice is the ideal product for easy, fast, tasty rice. We offer this great product to our retail and foodservice customer under their own label.
Try our new C&F Ready Now Instant White Rice!

   Instant White Rice
   Our C&F Ready Now Instant White Rice offers great benefits:
    - Fat Free.
    - Sodium Free.
    - Cholesterol Free.
    - Good Source of Vitamin B1.
    - Gluten Free.
    - Kosher.
    - Bilingual Packaging.
    - USA Grown Rice.
    - 100% Recyclable Packaging.
    - Easy to prepare in microwave.
    - Ready in 5 minutes.
Net Weight: 28 oz. (1 lb. 12 oz.) 793 g.                                                                                                    

Rice Mixes

Our rice mixes are perfect for side dishes. They offer the perfect mealtime side-dish for many occasions. Long-grain and wild rice mixes, for example, are holiday favorites. For a perfect compliment to any meal try our rice mixes.

Rice Pilaf Mix

Pilaf is one of the all time classic rice dishes dating all the way back to the first century Persians. Rice pilaf is made by combining the very finest extra long grain rice with wheat pasta, also known as orzo. Our Rice Pilaf Mix is perfect for everyday meals. It's simple and easy to prepare.
Net weight:  36 oz. (2 lbs. 4 oz.) 1.021 kg.

Long Grain & Wild Rice Mix

Our Long Grain and Wild Rice Mix give an everyday meal a special touch. This is the perfect blend of long grain rice and wild rice that will serve as a side dish. It has sophisticated taste and texture enhancing any meat or seafood entree and makes the perfect Holiday stuffing. 
Net weithgt:  36 oz. (2 lbs. 4 oz.) 1.021 kg.

Mexican Rice Mix

Our Mexican Rice Mix is convenient and has an authentic Mexican taste. For a quick and easy way to compliment any dinner use our Mexican Rice Mix.
Net weigh:  24 oz. (1 lbs. 8 oz.) 560 g.

Gourmet Soup Mix

Our fifteen beans Gourmet Soup Mix are the perfect combination of our tastiest beans. The variety of beans this soup mix provides is quite exquisite. Every bean for our Gourmet Soup Mix has been carefully selected and combined to make an exceptional mix.  Comes with a seasoning packet inside bag.
Net weight:  1.25 lb. 20 oz. (576 g.)  
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